Heiress For Hire

Ohio's Most Haunted Town Series - Book 2

By Erin McCarthy

Berkley - January 2006

Contemporary Romance

Tough Love - that's what her father called it. Chicago heiress Amanda Delmar had arrived in Cuttersville for a diversion, now she had been cut off by her father and had to fend for herself. Sure she had a college degree, but art appreciation wasn't much called for in a farming community.

Danny Tucker was a bore. He knew that, heck, even his ex-wife had left him in part due to lack of excitement. Shelby had since remarried, and he was truly happy for her. They loved each other, but were not IN love with each other - they had only married when Shelby had found herself pregnant. But now it appeared that he wasn't the Mr. Uneventful that everyone accepted him as being. He had gotten two girls pregnant, and the eight year old daughter he never knew about had just arrived on his doorstep.

Dirty and scrawny, Piper was the most beautiful girl in the world. Being divorced, and having lost his other child due to a miscarriage, Danny had never expected to have a family of his own, and now he did. But he also needed a great deal of help.

His parents were there for him, but life on a farm was hard work. He needed a babysitter, and, hard as it was to believe, Piper seemed to accept Amanda. Heck, he was drawn to Amanda also, but he knew there was no way anyone as polished as her would be interested in a country buffoon like him. However, Amanda needed money, so it seemed like the perfect temporary solution.

Erin McCarthy writes stories with laugh-out-loud humor and characters that grip the readers' hearts. I can't imagine anyone not being moved by Danny's love for his daughter. This story is not just a touching father-daughter reunion. It is also a passionate romance, a comedy, and even has a touch of the supernatural. Ms McCarthy is a must read for anyone who wants to enjoy a romance.

This book also follows A DATE WITH THE OTHER SIDE. We were introduced to Danny as his ex-wife finds her love. HEIRESS FOR HIRE stands on its own, but you'll want to read "DATE" just for the pleasure of reading another McCarthy Romance.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com