It's About Time

The Bowling Friends Series - Book 5

Short Story in Bad Boys of Summer Anthology

By Erin McCarthy

Brava - June 2006

Contemporary Romance

Caleb had a plan. He was going to get drunk, and find a girl to have sex with. Or maybe he was just going to try to find the girl, but sitting at the bar drinking, he never found one. It was rather pitiful. His ex-wife was about to be married, and he had yet to even have sex since they divorced. So he was going to go through with his plan . . . at some point . . . or maybe not. After all, he was a traditional boy and actually wanted a relationship with a woman. Then suddenly his personal space at the bar is invaded by a sexy stranger ordering a stop to his drinks.

Trish had come to the bar feeling a bit sorry for herself. She had a right to feel this way since she had been stood up - yet again. But when Joe the bartender assigned her the task of helping his friend Caleb out of his sulk, Trish grudgingly agrees. After all, Joe was genuinely worried about his friend acting so out of character.

It's About Time is about two strangers who happen into a bar. Add a matchmaking bartender, and watch the sparks fly in a steamy fast-paced short story written as only Erin McCarthy can.

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