Bled Dry

Las Vegas Vampires - Book 3

By Erin McCarthy

Berkley Sensation - May 2007

Vampire Romance

Whereas her older sister, Alexis, was logical, and now a vampire, Brittany Baldizzi was the more impulsive, yet wanted to live the normal white picket fence, soccer mom kind of life. Instead, she found herself pregnant by a rogue, outcast vampire.

Corbin Jean Michel Atelier had spent much of his existence as a vampire trying to find a cure. This didn't endear him to anyone. He had no friends, was actually still serving time for a crime, and was solely focused on finding the answers to his question of how to become mortal. That was until Brittany whirled into his life. Like a breath of fresh air, she turned his life upside down. She invaded his thoughts, and had now surprised him with the fact that he would soon become a father.

That fact didn't scare him so much as the fanatics who might try to come after their child. Corbin was determined to protect Brittany and their child, even if it ultimately meant that he would have to give them up.

Erin McCarthy never fails to make me simply laugh out loud. Bled Dry once again brings Ms McCathy's signature humor to an enjoyable romance. I adored the characters, and had been wanting their story for quite awhile. I was a bit disappointed in the resolution to the story, and felt that the personalities of these two characters actually would have been better in either a different series, or as a stand alone book. It didn't flow in relation to the series. Overall, Bled Dry is a fast-paced, humorous, fun story.

Kathy Andrico -