Hard Drive

The Bowling Friends Series - Book 1

Short Story in Bad Boys Online Anthology

By Erin McCarthy

Brava - September 2003

Contemporary Romance

Mack Stone is thrilled when he catches Kindra Hill reading a dirty e-mail from her cyber-partner. He had always suspected that there was more to her than the subdued act she portrayed at work. She had attracted his interest during the time they had worked together, and now he had the perfect opportunity to prove to her that the reality of the two of them together was better than the virtual reality of the internet.

Kindra is appalled when she learns that Mack has caught her reading her private e-mails. She was single, and an adult, and did not need to feel ashamed. When he challenges her to date him, she is hesitant - yet thrilled.

Erin McCarthy is a new author who was the first finalist in Lori Foster's online writing contests to discover new authors. Erin's first publication is an anthology of 3 romances which introduce new (sexy) meanings to everyday computer jargon. This author is a new star that will quickly rise.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com