Sucker Bet

Las Vegas Vampires - Book 4

By Erin McCarthy

Berkley Sensation - January 2008

Vampire Romance

A lot could happen in a lifetime spanning almost a millennium, but for Gwenna Carrick, some things never changed. Her brother Ethan was still overprotective, her ex-husband Roberto Donatelli still wanted her, and Gwenna still preferred a life of somewhat solitude. Although she loved her brother, she never strived for the power and political circles that he did. In fact, she had lived quietly in England until a few months ago when she had arrived in Vegas for his wedding.

Now, Gwenna lived off Ethan's money and in his casino. She didn't work, and didn't have many hobbies. However, she had joined an online vampire slayers loop. Unfortunately, members of the loop are being murdered, and the signs point to a vampire.

Detective Nate Thomas was determined to solve this mystery. Bodies were piling up, and Gwenna had been in the vicinity each time. Yet he was certain that she wasn't involved. However, in just a few hours of meeting her, Nate had become completely, inappropriately, involved with Gwenna, especially considering that she could be considered a suspect. But a good detective had to go with his gut, and his hunch told him that Gwenna wasn't a killer, and that she could change his live forever.

He just had no idea what that actually meant.

Erin McCarthy has written another winner with Sucker Bet. Gwenna is a sympathetic heroine. She had endured emotional pain that made many consider her weak. Instead, she was simply someone who was willing to see the best in others. I adored Nate as a hero. He recently had suffered a tragedy, and turns to Gwenna. They were a perfect match, because she was so capable of empathizing with his pain. I was impressed with Ms McCarthy's writing, as this book still had her signature humor, yet touched me deeply.

Kathy Andrico -