Hot Finish

Fast Track Series - Book 3

By Erin McCarthy

Berkley Sensation - August 2010

Contemporary Romance

Just when Suzanne Jefferson thought she could end up as friends with her ex-husband, she learned that he actually wasn't an ex. The fiasco of her non-divorce couldn't have been revealed at a worse time. Finances were tough, although she couldn't place that blame at all on Ryder. He was more than willing to help, but she needed to succeed on her own. That was why she continued the nightmare of planning Nikki Borden's wedding.

Ryder wasn't all that worked up to learn he and Suzanne weren't divorced. He'd never wanted their marriage to end, and he still had feelings for his...wife. The attraction was still there, why fight it? He was all for testing things one more time before finalizing the paperwork.

Finally. Hot Finish is the story readers have been desperate for since meeting Ryder and Suzanne. A simple attraction could be ignored, but the intense feelings they felt for one another couldn't. Ryder and Suzanne both needed to understand where they failed in their marriage, and to be willing to fight for their happiness together. Hot and sexy, Hot Finish will keep readers cheering to bring this couple back together, and rooting for more books to follow.

Kathy Andrico -


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