The Guardian

Dark-Hunter Series - Book 35

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

St. Martin's - November 2011

Once he might have been kind, but centuries of abuse and torture had made Seth who he was today. Guardian for Noir. A punisher, a being who was willing to do anything for Noir's bidding, to prevent returning to that deprived existence. He had been given an assignment, and Seth would do anything to the dream god Solin in order to get the Key for Noir. His interrogations were not fruitful until he happened to find a woman trying to rescue Solin. Finally, he had found the key to his success.

There was one man Lydia Tsakali would go into Azmodea to rescue, and that man was Solin. Just as she was on the cusp of success, a demon stepped out of the shadows and caught her. Now, she and Solin had switched places. Solin needed to rescue her as Lydia found herself at the mercy of a heartless beast.

But was he a beast...or even heartless. His words were cruel, but other than cruelty, what else had he ever known? The more time she spent with Seth, the more she learned that he was more a prisoner than she ever was.

Intense emotion, action, suspense, intriguing glimpses of newer characters that we know we will see again soon, The Guardian is a fast paced romance that will keep readers riveted. Once the details of Seth's past are revealed, readers will fall in love with him, just as Lydia does. Of course, one can't discount the entire captor/captive aspect of the romance, but, Sherrilyn Kenyon deftly leads readers to sympathize with Seth and root for his triumph in winning Lydia's heart. The Guardian is exactly the type of romance Dark Hunter readers are waiting for.

Kathy Andrico -


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