Beyond the Night

By Sharon Long

Samhain Publishing - July 2007

Historical Romance

Thomas Hadley, Viscount Ridgewood, had been excited over his purchase of a journal from the late Sir Roderick Castleton. Inside were drawings and writings which he was certain were clues to finding the lost city of Pagoria. It was a city of legend that couldn't be verified to have ever existed. Yet now, in his hands, was evidence. Unfortunately, Ridge was not fluent, neither could he read, the Pagorian language. Luckily, he knew of one woman who could.

India Ashton had spent too many years traveling and exploring, and was happy to return to England and live her life in peace and to heal. She was mourning the loss of her father, a man whom many considered to be crazy over his beliefs of Pagoria. Now, one of those men had come to her home asking for assistance. She had absolutely no intention of helping Ridge. Learning that her father was truly alive and needed her help, India knew that she would have to use Ridge, then betray him in order to rescue her father.

Yet there are even more threats to both Ridge and India. Someone breaks into their homes, and India is accosted. It is obvious that someone else wants the relics from Pagoria. They must work together, and as they do, they grow close.

Beyond the Night was a thrilling historical romantic adventure. I was engrossed from the prologue, and enjoyed every bit of the action, romance, and learning the mystery of Pagoria. The characters intrigued me. Ridge is excited about the adventure and anxious for more expeditions, while India craves returning to the sanctuary of home, and dreads knowing that she must betray Ridge. I look forward to additional stories by this author.

Kathy Andrico -