What Happens in London

Sequel to The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever

By Julia Quinn

Avon - July 2009

Regency Set Historical Romance

They said he killed his fiancee. Granted nobody knew who the fiancee had been, but she assuredly was dead. At least, that was the gossip Olivia Bevelstoke had heard regarding her new neighbor. She needed to know more about him, that was why she peered out her window to watch him. His activities were admittedly suspicious. Nothing to indicate him to be a murderer, but still...

Harry Valentine was being watched. Some may not have noticed, but he actually worked for the War Office and needed to be aware of such things. Although what she could find so interesting he didn't know. All he did was transcribe.

And then he sees her, when she sees him. Then they run into each other, and that is an even more inauspicious meeting. Harry would just as soon never meet with Olivia again, but then he is given orders to watch both her, and a Russian prince. Soon, they are meeting more, and more, and Harry fears that his surveillance of the prince moves from an order, to that of a jealous suitor.

I have not enjoyed any story as much as I have What Happens In London in a very long time. With quick wit and hilarious repartee, the pages fly by. There are so many scenes that were pure delight. The characters are well developed, each being unique with their own sets of foibles. For a fun summer read, it doesn't get better than this.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com