Born of Night

The League Series - Book 1

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

St. Martin's - October 2009

He had been trained to be a League Assassin. They followed orders. They did not question. They did not quit. But Nykyrian Quiakides had. Now, he, and other members of The Sentella, worked assignments they chose. There were new rules when they could kill, but they chose whether or not to follow those rules. They also policed the League. Now, the League was punished when they crossed their own lines.

Kiara Zamir was a dancer who they had rescued. But it wasn't her fame from her profession that put her in danger, it was that she was the daughter of a powerful political figure. Her father wanted The Sentella to protect Kiara. Nykyrian simply wanted Kiara. Unfortunately as life had taught Nykyrian, he rarely got what he truly wanted.

With action, danger, love, suspense and a very sexy ex-assassin, Born of Night is an explosive assault on the readers' senses. It is impossible not to fall in love with Nykyrian. Everyone who should have ever protected him, hadn't. He had been trained only to obey orders. Yet he had overcome everything to be the ultimate protector, a best friend, and passionate mate. Kiara was almost perfect for Nykyrian - there is one action that is almost unforgiveable, but Nykyrian has chosen her - even before he realized it. Even before he knew her. I am thrilled that the League stories are being re-released, and that they are coming out quickly - so that I don't have long to wait. I am impatient for the next!

Through Born of Night, I continually compared Nykyrian's background to Acheron's from her Dark-Hunter series. Both heroes endured horrendous childhoods, but Nykyrian's bothered me more. Possibly because we already knew what had happened with Acheron, whereas Nykyrian's experiences were entirely new.

Kathy Andrico -


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