Leap of Faith

By Arianna Hart

Samhain - March 2008

Romantic Suspense

Dr. Jane Farmer's life had spiraled out of control. First, she had lost her job hosting a talk show for marital issues. Then she had returned home only to find it ransacked. The culmination of the day had been when she had been somewhat kidnapped by her neighbor, Lex D'Angelo, a man who just might have more layers than the playboy persona she saw.

Lex had no idea why someone had come after his uptight neighbor Jane, and it also wasn't something he typically encountered either. Still, in his line of work, he had to be ready for anything, and now, he was on the run from some bad guys with a novice as his partner. It all boiled down to a package sent to him, but accidentally delivered to Jane. Now, Lex had to decipher what the information meant, determine who the mole in their organization was, and keep Jane and himself alive.

Leap of Faith was non-stop action from the first page. It is full of danger, suspense, and romance. I loved watching Lex and Jane's romance unfold amid the chaos that had become their lives. Arianna Hart has become a "Must Read" author when I want a thrilling romantic suspense.

Kathy Andrico - GottaWriteNetwork.com