Back to Buckhorn

Buckhorn Brothers Series - Book #7

By Lori Foster

HQN - June 2014

Contemporary Romance

Zoey Hodge hadn't wanted to see Garrett Hudson when she arrived back in Buckhorn. Or rather, she wouldn't mind seeing any, and all, of Garrett at any time. She just hadn't wanted him to see her. At least not until she had dispensed of the vomit that covered her. Unfortunately, fate wasn't her friend, and Amber, who Zoey did count as a friend, had sent Garrett to pick her up. So there she stood, looking gross, and smelling even worse. And there Garrett stood. Even more gorgeous than when she'd last seen him. Inscrutable as he took in her appearance. And always a hero, making it appear to be no big deal to have her, in all her ignoble nastiness, sit in his car and take her to his home to get cleaned. He was better than ever, and she wanted him. Now.

Garrett remembered Zoey to be a bit odd in school, but that hadn't deterred his interest in her lips, or his desire to kiss them. Back then, she'd had a boyfriend, he'd had a girlfriend, and then a tragedy had sent Zoey away from Buckhorn. It had taken another accident to bring her home. Zoey had returned when her mom was injured, and she intended to stay. And that suited Garrett. He would help her with her new home. Be her friend and stand by her against those in town who had once turned against her. And maybe, just maybe, stand by her forever. If he can get a word in edgewise and convince her that she wasn't too busy for a full time relationship. With him.

Back to Buckhorn is a fun visit with our favorite Buckhorn residents, as well as a sexy romance between two individuals planning on just being friends. Even better, it is also another benefit romance novella by Lori Foster helping a no-kill shelter. Back to Buckhorn was just a pleasure to read from beginning to end. There is also a tease regarding a certain female member of the family. Hopefully we'll be reading her story soon.

Kathy Andrico -


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