Colorado Pickup Man

Under the Colorado Skies Series #2

By Jacquie Greenfield

By Five Star Publishing - October 2007

Contemporary Western Romance

Debra Walker had finally reached the realization that she could not continue the life she had lived and loved. Mounting bills and the death of her father caused her to sell the ranch. Her favorite mare Brandy she had decided to take to auction. Her bloodlines could guarantee a lot of money, and she hoped that this way, Brandy would go to a good home. This would allow Debra to go to the city, work a nine to five job, and have a steady paycheck. That was before J. D. Garrison bought Brandy and stampeded straight into her life.

J. D. knew that wedding bells and happily ever after were what Debra was looking for, and he'd had experience to keep him from ever considering that again. Yet he could be a friend to Debra. She needed one, and J. D. found himself finding excuse after excuse to spend time with Debra, help her, or bring her to his ranch. She may claim to not want that life, but it was in her blood, just as it was in his.

Colorado Pickup Man is a touching story about two individuals who don't realize how broken they are, but recognize the healing that is needed in the other. It was such a pleasure watching as they both were able to forgive themselves. I adored J. D. He is the epitome of what a hero should be. In fact, Colorado Pickup Man is sure to make any female reader want to head out west and pickup one for herself.

It is surprising that this is Ms Greenfield's debut novel as there was quite a nice sized cast of fully develop secondary characters. There is also a mystery that was somewhat predictable, but the intensity of the suspense of when and how made up for that. I eagerly await the next story in this series.

Kathy Andrico -