Love Your Entity

Entity Series - Book 4

By Cat Devon

St. Martin's Press - January 2014

Vampire Romance

To inherit the house, all Sierra Brennan had to do was stay there for thirty days. Shouldn't be difficult. Except for the naked man, and the gh-. Wait a minute. What was a naked man doing in her home? The ghosts she could deal with - she was used to seeing them. But a naked man in her house? A stranger who stated that he had a claim? She didn't think so!

Nothing seemed to work. Ronan McCoy had come to his old home to find a key to save his sister's soul, but instead he couldn't find the key - if it even was a literal key, and a strange woman who seemed to be speaking to the air, was moving into his home. Granted he'd lived there almost a century earlier, but time didn't mean much to a vampire. What did matter was getting rid of this woman who couldn't be compelled. He didn't know the other local vampires enough to trust them to help with his task. He needed to find this key in spite of everyone else.

Love Your Entity was another humor filled adventure in Vamptown. So far in this series, readers had been introduced to vampires, witches, speaking cats and more. Tossing some ghosts into the mix is the perfect addition. Ronan is different from the vampires previously introduced. He had been indentured, and had been forced to commit acts he wouldn't have chosen to do. Ms Devon somewhat glosses over his history, but maybe that is to focus on who Ronan is now, and what he will do for those he loves. And to forgive himself for a past he had no control over. It will be interesting to see where this series goes next.

Kathy Andrico -

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