Doorway to the Stars

By Marly Mathews

New Concepts Publishing - December 2007

Futuristic Romance

It is the year 3000 AD, and Freya Kirkland would like to think of Earth as being more progressive. The truth, however, is that after the war, Earth had reverted to being almost medieval. Freya had been on the losing side, and she didn't agree with the victors. Still, Earth was the home that she loved, and she much preferred those inhabitants over the Outlanders. The Outlanders were uncivilized and would abduct Earth women to be breeders.

Aries D'Halen was a Gaian male who had studied and selected the woman that he wanted for a mate. Then, he had gone and abducted her. True, many may consider it underhanded, but Aries had confidence that Freya and he would be perfect, loving mates. An important key factor was the truth about the Gaian society, and the fact that both he and she were against the corrupt power that ruled Earth. He would prove to Freya that they were on the same side in this battle, but first, they had other urgent needs to address.

Doorway to the Stars was an enjoyable read with a fascinating setting that I want to visit again. I loved learning about the Gaian world, culture, and their idiosyncrasies. The romance between Aries and Freya was a pleasure to watch unfold. Freya might not be able to resist the bond between them, but she had no qualms in expressing her desire to protect the people of Earth. I enjoyed this universe that Ms Mathews has created, and would be very pleased if she were to return there again - I would follow.

Kathy Andrico -