An Unexpected Wish

A Lady's Wish Series - Book 1

By Eileen Richards

Lyrical Press - October 2015

Historical Romance

She knew it was folly, but Anne Townsend had always been drawn to the Fairy Steps. Magic did seem to pulse in this part of the woods, and Anne new what her wish would be. Then when an old woman demanded she make a wish, Anne defiantly stated she wished for a rich, handsome man who would love her.

Life, however, had taught Anne the truth. There were no fairies. Wishes did not come true. And why would a rich, handsome man ever choose plain Anne when her younger sisters both outshone her. She was the reliable one. The one who kept them from being paupers when their brother evicted them with few options to survive. Yet Anne had found a position as a companion, and she had hopes that her sister Sophia might make a match that would help their position. Not that she ever wanted Sophia to simply marry for money. But if Sophia could find happiness and money? That would be a true wish come true.

Nathaniel Matthews has little time for frivolities. His main goals lately had been to rebuild his family's finances, try to steer his younger brother Tony from following in their father's footsteps, and attempt a little bit of revenge. Not that the latter settled right with him, but he was finally on that path. He fully intended to separate Tony from his current "love". He was too young, irresponsible, and had no means to support a family. Soon, however, thoughts of Anne start to intrude on all his plans. They seem to be constantly at odds, yet that only sparks his interest even more. When other eligible men, his dratted younger brother included, start to show an interest in Anne, Nathaniel senses that Anne regrets their regards. In fact, she appeared almost depressed by their attentions.

And that is when Nathaniel realizes his fight for Anne would be against herself. Her belief that she wasn't a pretty sister. Her certainty that no rich man would ever love her. That her future was that of a spinster, and never that as a woman truly loved by her husband. This was a fight that Nathaniel knows he might not be able to win.

An Unexpected Wish is a romance between a heroine who believes her eyes are wide open about herself, and a hero who teaches her how a man in love sees her. And oh, how hard Nathaniel falls in love with Anne. Of course, he seems to hit his head hard as he doesn't recognize his feelings immediately, but luckily Nathaniel is hard headed - even more so than Anne. He determinedly pursues Anne, pushing her to stop pulling away when it is ever so obvious that all she wants is to be with him. Anne, however, is appalled by the apparent gift, or rather, curse of her wish with so much unwanted attention. I adored Nathaniel and his devotion, and Anne was a true heroine, determined not to saddle the man she loves with, well, herself. It was a pleasure watching Nathaniel prove his worthiness of being called a hero with his dedication to showing Anne what a perfect heroine she was for him. I enjoyed the interaction with Anne's sisters and Nathaniel's grandmother and brother and look forward to the next A Lady's Wish story.

Kathy Andrico -


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