Tall, Dark and Immortal

Entity Series - Book 5

By Cat Devon

St. Martin's Press - September 2015

Vampire Romance

What would any sane reporter do who discovered that vampires were real, her grandfather was actually a vampire hunter, and that she needed to get to one of them because trouble was brewing? Looking back, Keira Turner could concede that confronting Detective Alex Sanchez at his den, or rather at the police station, and telling him that she knew he was a vampire might not have been the best first reaction. But someone was stealing blood and the depleted supply could put her godson, and others at risk. She was a reporter determined to investigate, but she also intended to do whatever she could to help Benji.

The question of whether confronting Alex had put her in danger, or if she had already been in danger prior to meeting with Alex was moot. When they found her apartment trashed and vampires ready to attack, Alex put her in protective custody - which meant she was trapped in his apartment with no way out. Oh, and why hadn't her grandfather mentioned witches in his journal?

Alex didn't need any more problems, and Keira was nothing but one giant problem after another. Yes, he was aware of the blood thefts, and was already investigating them. Then there were the Gold Coast vampires who were always causing trouble, his own clan members in Vamptown who weren't keeping their secrets too well with Keira, and then there was the fact that she just might be The One for him.

Filled with quirky characters, lightning fast dialogue, and a passionate romance, Tall, Dark, and Immortal was another winning addition to Cat Devon's Entity Vampire series. Keira was a brave heroine determined to help her nephew, regardless of the challenges the vampires pose. Alex was determined to do what was right, even if he had to face down the members of his own clan. Tall, Dark & Immortal is certain to make readers demand more in the series.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com

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