Her Secret Pirate

Crossfire SEAL Series

Short Story in SEAL of My Dreams Anthology

By Gennita Low

Bell Bridge Books - 2011

Contemporary Romance

Rebecca Powers was in a situation only a SEAL could rescue her from. Which was ironic, considering the reason for the fight between her and Zodenko "Zone" Zonovich. Zone was a SEAL, while she worked for her father, an Ambassador. She fought for peace, while he, didn't. At least those were some of the stupid words she had thrown at him.

Zone hadn't told his commander the complete truth about his relationship with Rebecca. If he had, he probably wouldn't have been assigned to be part of the mission to rescue hostages from pirates. Hostages that included Rebecca. Past arguments ceased to exist as Zone needed to go in and save his woman.

Her Secret Pirate is an action packed romance reuniting two stubborn lovers. Zone was a hero, willing to help anyone in danger, but all the more focused knowing it was Rebecca. Rebecca was no shrinking violet. She had been trained by Zone, and was determined to use any trick he'd taught her to save herself and help her father. Her Secret Pirate was a fun, fast, read.

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