The Last Warrior

The Lost Colony Series - Book 1

By Susan Grant

HQN - May 2011

Futuristic Romance

After years fighting for his king, and the protection of his fellow humankind, General Tao was looking forward to leaving the battles to his past, and living at the family vineyard. He had no desire to remain at court, even though his sister was married to the king. He anticipated a hero's welcome for his men, and finally, peace. Instead, he found betrayal, conspiracy, and himself behind bars.

Elsabeth had vowed to avenge her parents' murders. Her focus was on one individual, King Xim. He oppressed her people and divided the two groups of people who lived under his rule, the Tassagons, who feared magic and learning, and the Kurel, who practiced medicine and science. Elsabeth had no desire to cheer a man who could kill, but she was more than willing to help Tao when he could further her cause.

A Tassagon Warrior living in Kurel Town. Tao was certain to stand out among the Kurel. Not only was he a battle-worn warrior, but he had no knowledge of the Kurel - just the prejudices that he had known all his life. The same held for Elsabeth. The intimacies of helping one another reminded them that they were all humans, descendents of the colonists who had settled on this planet so long ago.

The Last Warrior is a romantic futuristic adventure that will leave readers eager to return to learn more. Although a warrior, Tao yearned for the simple life, but he was rescued by Elsabeth who has more elaborate plans for him. He agrees with her to a point. He wants his sister and her children safe, but he wants peace. They are perfect for one another - Elsabeth opens Tao's eyes to the realities of life for the Kurel, while Tao tempers Elsabeth's rebellious nature. I am eager to return to The Last Colony to learn more of this world.

Kathy Andrico -

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