Buckhorn Bachelor

Buckhorn Brothers Series - Book #9

By Lori Foster

HQN - June 2016

Contemporary Romance

Adam Sommerville had hit thirty. He didn't feel any different, but if he were honest with himself, he did. As he wandered around their town's carnival, he found himself actually avoiding certain women because, this was rather difficult to admit, they were too young. Who would have thought that day would come? Certainly not himself.

Even more surprising was when he found Isabella Presley. Adam liked the school librarian. They had worked together before, she at the middle school, he was the elementary school gym teacher. But Isabella had been firmly in the friend category since day one when she moved into town. Now, however, Adam reconsidered things. He might have been scoping around for a possible woman, but now after being caught by Isabella, Adam's attention turned squarely on Isabella herself. She was sexy, he enjoyed being with her, she was intelligent, and attentive to the children in her care. Unfortunately, she apparently wanted Adam for one thing. To practice her flirting so she'd have some experience as she scoped out the crowd herself.

Then there was his meddling cousin Amber who seemed to be having romance issues of her own. When Amber starts helping Isabella meet eligible bachelors, it is as if Adam is literally hit upside the head. And although he may adore his cousin, he is quite tired of her presenting Isabella with eligible men. Isabella does not need to be introduced to any more Buckhorn bachelors. Adam himself is the only Buckhorn bachelor she needs in her life, and he intends not to be a bachelor for long.

I look forward each year to Lori Foster's charity novella. Especially since we get to revisit the characters from her Buckhorn Brothers series. In Buckhorn Bachelor, we have an entertaining romance as Adam tries to woo Isabella, while thwarting his cousin. One page you laugh aloud, then groan in sympathetic frustration. Then smile as one familiar character after another flit through the pages.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com