Night of the Phantom

Harlequin American Romance #398

By Anne Stuart

July 1991

Contemporary Gothic Romance

Megan Carey found herself in a modern day tale of Beauty and the Beast. To protect her father, she had gone to see the reclusive Ethan Winslowe. But Ethan was not to be pacified by her presence. He wanted revenge on her father, revenge for the costly actions by a man who should have protected her. Instead her father had sent her in his place.

She was at the mercy of Ethan. A man, regardless of the tales told. Not a phantom, even though he stayed in shadows and the dark. A genius, true, but a master manipulator. She was a prisoner in his absurd mansion, and she feared. She didn't believe her life was in danger, but she feared how long she would be held. What was happening to her father - and did he even worry about her. She was supposed to be in Europe, but instead she was being held captive by a man whose mystique was beginning to captivate her. He protected her. His friends were loyal. There was more to the man than a mystery, and Megan was determined to discover his secrets.

I searched for Night of the Phantom based on a friend's recommendation. The story is almost two decades old, but it has a timeless quality. Ethan lives in a remote desolate town, and his home lacked contemporary furnishings. He also didn't have much in the way of modern technology. This book could conceivably be set today. I have a fondness for a Beauty and the Beast tale, and a hero who feels that for some physical limitation, he is the Beast. The gothic touch to the story was a refreshing change, and reminds me why I enjoyed these stories. Many women might not agree with Megan falling for Ethan, after he had essentially imprisoned her, but I feel that Ms Stuart adequately dealt with that issue. I truly enjoyed this classic Anne Stuart romance... with Fabio on the cover.

Kathy Andrico -