Born of Legend

The League Series - Book 11

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

St. Martin's - July 2016

This story is part of the League series, and spans several years. It reveals certain secrets behind events in other books in the series, and as such, does contain spoilers for the previous stories. However, it can be read on its own.

He had taken the name Dagger Ixur. A name from legend for a man whose own heritage had been just as famous. He had been a prince, someone whose life many thought would be a dream to have. Instead, he had lived a nightmare, and it was soon coming to an end. It wasn't the bounty on his head that was his undoing. No, it was the poison pumping through his system. But he wasn't able to live his last moments in peace with a drink. Instead, he found himself engaged in a battle to save a child's life.

Ushara Altaan hadn't planned on rescuing anyone other than her child. But a stranger had put his life on the line for Vasili, and she had brought him onboard during their escape. At the time, she hadn't known who he was. Outcast. Former prince. Jullien eton Anatole. A fugitive whose own family had a thrill-kill warrant for his death. Someone who her own people would never accept.

Thus begins the epic journey of Born of Legend. Jullien's past had been shrouded with lies and betrayals. Jullien would be the first to admit that he was partly to blame for his past actions, but there were others with their own vindictive scheming and plotting that had put him at a tragic disadvantage. Now, however, Jullien finally has someone who believes in him. Will fight for him. Two someones, actually. For it is Vas who first steps up to protect his defender. And it is the love of Ushara, Vas, and others who become his true family, that finally starts healing the wounds on Jullien's soul.

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