Striking Distance

The I-Team Series - Book 6

By Pamela Clare

Berkley Sensation - November 2013

Romantic Suspense

Navy SEAL Javier Corbray had never forgotten Laura Nilsson. To many, she was the "Baghdad Babe". A reporter who had been captured on live television, and had been reported as being decapitated. To Javier, she had been a sensual woman he had spent one amazing weekend with, and had watched an ocean away that fateful day. Helpless to help. But he had fought to be part of the team who would capture the man responsible for killing her and her crew. It wasn't until they infiltrated the enemy's home that the learned that Laura was alive, and rescued her.

It was two years since Laura's rescue, but the nightmare continued. Not only did she have to testify at the terrorist's hearing, but she was now a target. With danger at every turn, one unexpected turn puts Laura in the path of Javier - someone she hadn't seen in several years. He quickly infiltrates her home, and sets her protection as his priority. She enjoys having him in her life again, but she fears that she can never have an intimate relationship like she'd had with him before. She had been too brutalized.

But Javier was patient and understanding. And soon he realized that Laura had his heart. He would ensure all threats to her were eliminated, as well as ease his way through any defenses Laura erected.

Striking Distance was an intense romantic suspense with action and mystery at every turn of the page. Laura's ordeal had been extreme to the point that she had barely remembered her own name. While she was slowly getting her life rebuilt, there were critical pieces that were missing. One piece was filled by Javier. She knew that he was here only on leave, and that when they had met before, it had been with the promise of no tomorrows. Only now, she wanted tomorrows.

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