The Story of Son

Short Story in Dead After Dark Anthology

By J. R. Ward

St. Martin's - December 2008

Claire Stroughton was a woman who had long ago determined that she didn't need a man to define herself. She had nothing against a loving relationship, had been witness to many, but thrived as a lawyer, and was willing to define herself by her profession.

It was her dedication to her work that sent her to the estate of an aging client. It should have been a simple visit, finalize some paperwork, then leave for the start of a long weekend. Instead, Claire found herself held captive with someone, or something, that posed a threat to her life, body, and heart.

The Story of Son was a poignant, touching read. Claire was a perfect heroine for a hero who had been betrayed by so many. He was confused, cautious, ever so gentle, and determined not to hurt others - the perfect hero. This story is probably part of Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood world, but completely stands on its own.

Dead After Dark Anthology contains Shadow of the Moon by Sherrilyn Kenyon, The Story of Son by J. R. Ward, Beyond the Night by Susan Squires, and Midnight Kiss Goodbye by Dianna Love.

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