Archangel's Shadows

Guild Hunter - Book 11

By Nalini Singh

Berkley Sensation - November 2014

Urban Fantasy Romance

This review assumes that the reader has read the previous books in Nalini Singh's Guild Hunter series, and does contain spoilers to those books. Due to the complex world building and continuing storylines, it is recommended to read this series in order.

Ashwini had initially been the one to hunt the Cajun vampire. But each time she closed in on him, the contract would be pulled. He had taunted her. He intrigued her. He had become her partner in a battle. Then she realized that the battle with their enemies was a minor skirmish and that Janvier intended to win the ultimate war and claim her. She needed to pull back. There could never be more between her and the sexy Cajun. And not just because she was human and he vampire. She needs to put a stop to their relationship, which has already become closer than she had ever intended.

Janvier's expectations upon becoming a vampire hadn't been realized, but he embraced his life wholeheartedly. He needed to embrace Ashwini even closer, but the Hunter continued to elude his clutches. Janvier was nothing if not shrewd and devious, and more than up to the challenge that she presents. She tries to push him back, he stays close. When their cases appear to overlap, he ensures they work together. He knows that his existence has no meaning without his Ashblade. Regardless of whether she remains human or becomes vampire.

Of course, he has a full arsenal to entice Ashwini to a life of forever.

Finally. Janvier and his Ashblade. We readers haven't been the only ones enjoying the cat and mouse game between this vampire and guild hunter. Even Dimitri and the Archangel Raphael himself have been entertained - and that's saying something considering how jaded they'd become over the millennium. We had been introduced to the Guild Hunter series with a short story which revolved around Janvier and Ashwini on a case in Angels' Pawn. Now with Archangel's Shadows, we finally see the culmination of a love story that has spanned so many hunts, battles, and for us readers, books. It is everything you can expect in a Guild Hunter book with glimpses into the lives of so many characters, and the continuing story arc that follows the battle of Archangel's Legion. As always, I am eager for the next story!

Kathy Andrico -


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