Darkest London Series - Book 1

By Kristen Callihan

Grand Central Forever - February 2012

Historical Paranormal Romance

Decisions could change a life forever. Lord Benjamin Archer knew this. One fateful night haunted him forever. Whispers surrounded him. People feared him. He had left England, but refuge could never be his. He was forced to hide behind a mask. A shadow in the night. A phantom who had once seen a young woman, and had decided that he would make her his.

Three years had passed since that fateful night when a stranger had stepped forward to protect Miranda Ellis. But she didn't need a savior. She was quite capable of defending herself, but at a great risk. Guilt had driven her to steal, but hope drove her decision to accept Lord Archer's proposal of marriage. She couldn't see his face, but she could see his eyes. The reactions of his body. The tone of his voice. She trusted him when most wouldn't. In fact, he was a key suspect in many minds.

Men were dying. Associates of her husband. He wouldn't share his secrets, but divulging secrets wasn't a prerequisite to guilt, or innocence. She had her own. Miranda could see past his masks into his soul, and his was a bright fire that drew her to him. A tormented hero who was willing to risk anything for her.

A hero who hides behind a mask. Add in a hint of suspense and the supernatural and I was intrigued. Eager to find a copy and read this story. Then, I read the prologue, and I was captivated. Firelight is a paranormal adventure with danger lurking in dark corners and a healing love that burns brighter than any enemy can extinguish. The characters are diverse, flawed and eager for the redemption of love. With sparks of humor glimpsed in the eyes of a face behind the mask, and friendships found in unexpected places, hope outshines the desolate tone that often overwhelms in other stories. My favorite romances include a tormented hero who is oh-so-in love with his heroine and a heroine who will fight with every breath for the hero she loves. This is exactly what we find in Firelight. Quite frankly, Firelight exemplifies my expectations in a romance novel.

Kathy Andrico -