Her Lone Wolf

X-OPS - Book 2

By Paige Tyler

Sourcebooks Casablanca - November 2014

Paranormal Romance

Her Lone Wolf is the second full length novel in Paige Tyler's X-OPS series. I would suggest reading these books in order, starting with the prequel to the series, Her Secret Agent.

Clayne Buchanan didn't do friendships. He didn't bother with niceties. He did do his job and was willing to help his fellow operatives when called. But he didn't have to do it with a smile on his face. He had no intention of ever letting anyone get close to him again. The last time he had, well, he still bore the scars of her leaving - non-physical though they might have been.

When Danica Beckett had called her former boss at the DCO asking for help in a case, she never anticipated he'd send her ex. Ex-partner. Ex-lover. She didn't have to be a shifter to sense his hate for her, it rolled off him in waves that threatened to drown her. Lives were at risk. A serial killer, who also just happened to be a shifter, was on the loose. Clayne was an advantage they needed to capture this killer, but she had to maintain a cavalier attitude in his presence. The reasons she had left still remained, and she would not jeopardize him.

No matter how much his pain-filled eyes haunted her.

Her Lone Wolf is an intensely emotional reunion romantic suspense certain to please. We had seen Clayne before, all attitude and power, but here a softer side is presented. His love for Danica is a tangible force that she can't resist for long. And neither will readers. Not to say that Clayne is completely reformed. He wouldn't be Clayne without attitude, a temper, determination and grit. I absolutely loved this story, and am eager for more X-OPS books.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com