The Warlord's Daughter

Borderlands Series - Book 2

(Follows Otherworldly Men Series)

By Susan Grant

HQN - February 2009

Science Fiction Romance

As the daughter of the Supreme Warlord of the Drakken Horde, Awrenkka e'Rakkuu had lived in fear. She had lived a sheltered life as her father had only one purpose for her, and that would be to become the wife of whomever he chose. With his death, and the war's end, Wren was faced with new challenges. She was alone, and she was also the most sought after woman in the galaxy. Some wanted to kill her, others hoped to marry her to someone who would lead a new Drakken Empire. One claimed her as his wife.

With only one look at Awrenkka years earlier, Battlelord Aral Mawndarr's sole focus had changed. He would rescue her. This had put into motion many acts that had culminated with the fall of the Drakken Empire. He was an unknown hero with one goal, find Awrenkka.

His only problem was once he found her, what he was to do with her. Wren, as she liked to be called, wasn't the dutiful wife he was accustomed to seeing. Plus neither of them had witnessed a caring relationship between husband and wife. It would take patience and compromise from both of them to reach their ultimate chance for happiness.

The Warlord's Daughter was an exciting addition to Susan Grant's Borderlands series. It was wonderful to watch Wren's growth from an uncertain scared young lady into a determined heroine strong enough to be a battlelord hero's woman. In addition to them, there is the continuation of the developing romance between Captain Hadley Keyren and the wraith Bolivarr. They are one of my favorite secondary couples from any romance. I enjoyed seeing more of their story, as well as uncovering more of Bolivarr's past. I am thrilled to know that there are at least two more stories in this series to look forward to.

Kathy Andrico -