The Girl In The Box

Gaian Series - Book 5

By Janet Miller

March 2012

Science Fiction Romance

Amirilla Asteras could dream, but she knew that those fantasies could never come true for her. She was the girl in the box. Born handicapped, she was lucky to be able to be mobile in the box. She knew she could even have children, but nobody would want her. Not if they knew the truth.

That was why she demanded no visuals to Ganth Doranth. She worked in the space station, and when the Noble Cause, his father's ship, docked, they would talk, play games, and spend time together, but not truly together. It was just his voice she would hear, and he would never see the truth about her. Ganth was Gaian. He would find himself a nice Gaian woman to attach to and marry.

And it could never be her.

The Girl in the Box is a touching romance of a woman finally seeing herself as the perfect Gaian mate Ganth always knew her to be. Although this is only in Ammi's point of view, we can feel Ganth's frustration, his sincerity, and his devotion to Ammi. This may be a novella, but it is also short, sweet and perfect.

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