Archangel's Blade

Guild Hunter - Book 6

By Nalini Singh

Berkley Sensation - September 2011

Urban Fantasy Romance

This review assumes that the reader has read the previous books in Nalini Singh's Guild Hunter series, and does contain spoilers to those books. Due to the complex world building and continuing storylines, it is recommended to read this series in order. However, regarding the romance between Dmitri and Honor, this story does stand on its own.

Dmitri was a vampire, ancient, almost immortal. With age came power and strength. But that alone wouldn't have made him one of the Seven for an archangel. For someone to become Raphael's Second, he must be merciless and deadly. He would have left a bloody trail through the centuries, and formed an unbreakable bond with one of the most powerful beings in existence.

Honor knew what it was like to be at the mercy of the depraved. She had suffered, but she had survived. Barely. Could she call this shell of a life anything more than an existence? When she was called to work with Dmitri on investigating a dismembered body, she knew that she should be terrified. Dmitri's cold facade did not hide the fact that he could tear into her just as those other vampires had tortured her. Yet she was inexplicably drawn to him. Where no others could touch her, he healed. He didn't hide who, or what he was, and that helped her find her courage to reach out to him.

Dmitri. Sensuous, calculating, sinful Dmitri. He may have been born human, but many would consider him as inhuman as the angels themselves. We have seen hidden glimpses of depths unspoken, and I had wondered how a mere mortal would be able to penetrate his defenses. In Archangel's Blade, we learn of the shattered man who had to be willing to mete out destructive punishment to prevent atrocities many couldn't imagine. He walks precariously along a precipice where one false move would destroy the little humanity remaining. Only a woman who had also seen the same darkness as he had any chance of holding onto him and never letting go. Ms Singh continues to raise expectations with each book. Archangel's Blade is simply brilliant.

Kathy Andrico -


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