No Mercy

Dark-Hunter Series - Book 32

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

St. Martin's - September 2010

Dev Peltier hated change, and that was all there'd been recently. Sanctuary was no longer the haven it had once been. It had been attacked, but more friends than they realized they had had come to their aid. His sister was mated, and to a wolf at that. Their parents were dead. He had always yearned to wander, and now nothing was holding him back.

Except he didn't like change.

Samia Savage wasn't just a Dark Hunter - she was one of the Dogs of War. Being an Amazon warrior had made her tougher than the rest. But all her lethal training hadn't protected her family, and she'd lost everything, then became a Dark Hunter. Sam, unlike the other Dark Hunters, couldn't even touch another person, or thing. Her abilities included knowing people's thoughts, but it wasn't just transmitted by touching someone - she couldn't touch anything.

Until Dev.

From the moment Sam meet's Dev, all of her rules get tossed. Everything about Dev intrigues her - from his humor to his dedication - not to mention his body. She's more than interested in him, and for the first time in centuries, she has met someone she can actually touch without seeing a thought or memory. Things would be perfect, except for the little things like daimons walking in daylight, someone or something is out to get her, and the fates of many are in her hands.

Just another day for a Dark Hunter.

No Mercy was a fun addition to the Dark Hunter series. Dev just keeps things light hearted - his comments and thoughts were very entertaining. Not to say that there isn't dark and dangerous turns of pages, but Dev just makes light of about anything - even the bow and arrow marking identifying a Dark Hunter. There are so many more stories for new characters that are demanding to be told, it's too bad that that they are released so far apart these days.

Kathy Andrico -


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