Changeling Dawn

Changeling Series - Book 3

By Dani Harper

Brava - January 2012

Paranormal/Werewolf Romance

Kenzie Macleod didn't trust humans. She had survived their hunts, but many she knew hadn't. She didn't hold any animosity towards them. Her brothers were even mated to women who had been born human, but she knew how humans reacted to something they didn't understand. Fear was a great impetus to hate.

So she searched for her answers. As an archaeologist, she had travelled the world, and spent most of her time alone. She had recently arrived in Alaska for a new dig when she encountered Josh Talarkoteen. A human.

Josh didn't react like other humans. Her rebuffs rolled easily off his shoulders, and she couldn't help being charmed by his continued pursuit. But there are others encroaching in the remote Alaskan wilderness. A Changeling child appears alone. A boyfriend from the past that Kenzie isn't charmed to see again. And a mysterious complex certain to hold nightmares for them all. Only together can they hope to beat their enemies and fight for a future together.

Changeling Dawn is an entertaining addition to the Changeling series. I simply adored Josh. Kenzie keeps trying to push him out of her life, but he isn't deterred one bit. She needs someone strong enough to help her beat the nightmare of her past, and Josh is determined that it be him. He has an understanding of her that most humans couldn't have. I enjoyed the peeks into the lives of the other Macleods, and hope to revisit them all again soon.

Kathy Andrico -


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