The Ghost and the Goth

Ghost and the Goth Trilogy - Book #1

Disclaimer - This is Not a Romance Genre Series

By Stacey Kade

Hyperion - 2010

Young Adult Paranormal Series with Romance

It had been a rather ignoble ending - struck dead by the band bus. Her life may not have been perfect, but Alona Dare had made herself who she was. She had been homecoming queen, a cheerleader, and one look from her could either crush an individual, or elevate their social standing at school. She didn't consider herself mean, she was simply honest. And sometimes, honesty hurt. It was life, it was her life, but it was gone the moment she was distracted and stepped off the curb.

Life could be difficult for anyone. Add in having to deal with the dead hanging around who wouldn't leave you alone, and things became even more complicated. That was the problem for Will Killian. Some people thought he was schizophrenic. His principal thought he was simply a liar. But it wasn't lies or hallucinations. He only wished it was. Imaginary friends would be so much easier to deal with than the dead who were always hounding him. And now little miss perfect with her sneering comments and condescending ways had insinuated herself into his life. She was more than willing to stand up and take charge for him, well, maybe not altruistically.

Regardless, he should be grateful. She was, after all, Alona Dare.

The Ghost and the Goth is a laugh out loud paranormal young adult story that captivated me from page one. Alona would hate knowing this - but I thought she was hilarious. What she thought of herself, and how she could construe the cruel words she said as being beneficial... her thought process was quite unique. Anyone would feel empathy for Will and how he had to deal with the battering - verbal, physical, emotional - that he received from the ghosts. Watching them come to the realization that they needed each other was simply a delight. Thankfully, I had waited to start reading The Ghost and the Goth until all three books in the trilogy were published, and I did not have to wait to start Queen of the Dead.

Kathy Andrico -