Born of Fury

The League Series - Book 8

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

St. Martin's - July 2014

He may be one of the founding Sentella members, feared by most, strong, warrior, guardian and protector. However the mere idea of spending six weeks alone with his nephew Darice for his Endurance was enough to send Hauk running out the door and never look back. Unfortunately for himself, he was loyal and dedicated to a fault, and he fought through his very valid fears to find himself faced with a sneering teen whose mission seemed to mock him at every turn. Luckily, he had good friends, and Nykyrian, while not willing to take over the task himself, graciously offered to send his eldest daughter Thia with them.

Hauk enjoyed Thia but barely tolerated Darice. Born after Hauk's brother Keris died, Darice's mother had raised him to hate Hauk. It made for an unending nightmare where the arrival of an assassin was actually a rather pleasant break.

Sumi Antaxas had never wanted to be an assassin, but she was good at it and those in power had the one thing she was willing to do anything to protect. Her daughter. So she would go to Dancer Hauk and get the information she needed to get. But Dancer wasn't what she expected. He protected the children and proved to be everything a hero should be. Sumi was quickly torn between destroying a decent man and attempting to protect her daughter.

Born of Fury is a quintessential Sherrilyn Kenyon romance filled with a bigger than life hero, a heroine who can fight side by side with her hero, a cast of unforgettable characters, and tragic horrible pasts that can only be healed by the hero and heroine finding love together. Readers had been tantalized by glimpses of Hauk for several books and in Born of Fury, they'll get everything they've been wanting - and more.

This story is part of the League series, but does mostly stand on its own. It can be read out of order, but as is so often the case, it is most enjoyed if you've read the previous stories. Also, there are spoilers in this book for the previous stories.

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