Cards & Caravans

The Gaslight Chronicles Series - Book 5

By Cindy Spencer Pape

Carina Press - April 2013

Steampunk Romance

Belinda Danvers wasn't a witch, but truth had no weight against hate. She had been happy with her marriage, and after her husband's accidental death, had been content with a quiet life. Unfortunately, that was being taken away as she was sentenced to die.

Connor McKay had gone to find Belinda at a request, had rescued her due to a travesty of justice, and was marrying her, well because. The woman he'd loved had married another, and he was fond enough of Belinda. Actually, fond was a rather lame description to the fiery passion he felt. An escape, and a chase across the countryside in a rather unique conveyance to his family brought Connor to realize that there was little he wouldn't do to keep Belinda in his life.

Cards & Caravans was an exciting addition to Cindy Spencer Pape's world of The Gaslight Chronicles. First, I was so happy to see Connor find his love. It was previously hinted that he would meet the woman who would be his match, and thankfully Ms Pape didn't make us wait. I don't think anyone will escape without chuckling when Connor realizes exactly what their mode of transportation would be. Ms Pape continues to infuse her stories with surprises, suspense, and romance. As always, I look forward to see what is next in this series.

Kathy Andrico -


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