If the Viscount Falls

The Duke's Men - Book 4

By Sabrina Jeffries

Pocket - February 2015

Historical Romance

If the Viscount Falls is the fourth and final book in Sabrina Jeffries' The Duke's Men series. Although the story can be read on its own, there are spoilers to the previous books. Therefore, it might be best to start with the first story, What the Duke Desires. This review also contains spoilers to the series.

Dominick Manton's fate had changed irreversibly upon the death of his father and his older brother acquiring the title. Instead of a future with becoming a barrister and marriage, he had been forced into poverty and worked as a runner. This was not a life for the woman he loved, so he came up with a way to end their betrothal and force himself out of her life. Almost everything had gone exactly as planned, except for the one thing that would never change.

Years had passed, and Dominick was no longer a runner. In fact, he had started his own investigation agency and had recently inherited the title. So much had changed, except his feelings for Jane Vernon. He still loved her, but now after all these years, she was engaged to another. Regardless of how close she may be to his brother's widow, Nancy, he didn't anticipate seeing much of her.

Then she was there. At his home, and demanding he find Nancy. Nancy had gone away, but Jane found the circumstances suspect. Dominick was an exceptional investigator, but apparently Jane didn't find his past successes sufficient and intended to be with him each step of the investigation.

And with each step, they grow closer, and the more Dominick wants her back. If only she didn't have a new fiance waiting for her.

The Duke's Men concludes with If the Viscount Falls. In each story, we had been given tantalizing glimpses of Dominick, and could see that he needed Jane back in his life. Jane proved to be the perfect heroine for Dominick, more than capable of breaking through the walls Dominick had erected since their breakup. If the Viscount Falls was everything I was hoping it would be. Although I am sorry this is the end of The Duke's Men, I look forward to Ms Jeffries' next series.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com


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