Vampire, Interrupted

Argeneau Series - Book 9

By Lynsay Sands

Avon Books - March 2008

Vampire Romance

It was her first case, and already both Marguerite Argeneau and her partner, Tiny, had been attacked. Luckily, she had woken in the nick of time when someone broke into her room and tried to decapitate her. The man who had tossed Tiny around the room like a rag doll was actually the father of the man who had hired them.

Christian Notte wanted to find out the truth of who his mother was. His father, Julius, wouldn't tell him, and he had driven away the investigators Christian had previously hired. Marguerite was determined to neither be intimidated nor attracted to Julius. She had been in a miserable relationship for centuries. Her children, both her own, and those she considered her own, being her only joy. She had been neglected and controlled, and only in these past few years since her husband's death had she been happy.

Julius knew he had to tread carefully, both with Marguerite, and his son. Marguerite's husband had made her cautious in approaching a new relationship, and it had been centuries since he had courted Christian's mother. Then there was Christian, how could he ever tell him the truth of the past? And as if their lives weren't complicated enough, there are the attacks, and an enemy from the past that they can barely keep one step ahead of.

Vampire, Interrupted was a thrilling read with humor, suspense, friends, family and love. I absolutely adore the interaction between Christian and Julius - they are hilarious. Both so inept, and Christian absolutely exasperated with his father's lame wooing abilities. I adored Marguerite and Tiny's relationship, a deep friendship and loyalty where age and abilities have no meaning. I was intrigued to learn the truth of the woman who was Christian's mother, and why someone was willing to kill to keep that hidden in the past. But most of all, I loved watching Marguerite, who had been there for so many of her loved ones as they found their life mates, finally find a life mate of her own.

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