Beat of Temptation

Psy-Changeling Series - Book 4

Short Story in An Enchanted Season Anthology

By Nalini Singh

Berkley Sensation - October 2007

Paranormal Romance

Although listed as the fourth book of this series, and I highly suggest reading the series in order, this book does stand on its own. It tells the story of the senior sentinel Nate and Pack healer Tamsyn, which took place almost two decades before the series begins.

Tamsyn had returned home. It had been a short time since the pack had been attacked, and they had lost their alpha, healer, and so many more. Though only nineteen, Tamsyn was the new pack healer, and had just returned from training. The entire pack turned to her in their time of need, for comfort, and for healing, yet her mate continued to turn away.

From the day she had turned fifteen, Nate had recognized Tamsyn as his mate. Still, he was almost a decade older, and he recognized that she was too young for him. His leopard might want to complete the mate bond, but the man's will would prevail. He continued to tell himself that Tamsyn needed time. She should be allowed freedom. He didn't want her to ever feel trapped or regret their mating.

He never anticipated that, young though she may be, Tamsyn was a woman. A woman who knew what she wanted. She wanted her mate.

Beat of Temptation was simply perfect. We witness a bit of the history that had been discussed in the previous stories, and see the characters when they were younger. Nate and Tamsyn were mates, but Nate's insistence on doing the "right thing" threatened to lose him the one person he valued most. I was thrilled that Nalini Singh chose to go "back" and write Nate and Tamsyn's story.

I also suggest that fans go to Nalini Singh's website to read Deleted Scene 1, which was an alternate prologue, and Deleted Scene 2, which is set near the end of the story, and actually explained a little more.

Kathy Andrico -