What a Duke Desires

The Duke's Men - Book 1

By Sabrina Jeffries

Pocket - June 2013

Historical Romance

Lisette Bonnaud had grown up quickly when her father died. As her parents had never married, and her father hadn't planned for such an event, she, her mother, and her brother Tristan had been evicted. Only her half-brother Dominick had tried to help, but as a younger son, he didn't have the ability to do much, so the three of them had gone to France.

Now returned to England, Lisette helped Dominick in his office for Manton's Investigations. She would love to do more than just office work, but Dominick was just as traditional in his opinion of what roles she was permitted to fill as Tristan. Then Dominick leaves for Scotland and a Duke arrives demanding to see Tristan. He claims that Tristan is in England and had contacted him regarding the long lost, and declared dead, elder brother of the Duke.

Maximilian Cale, Duke of Lyons, suspected Tristan Bonnaud was involved in a hoax. What he was unsure of was the extent of the plot, and whether Lisette was aware. Lisette was fiercely defensive of Tristan, claiming that not only would he not con Max, but her brother was in France. Where in France, she wouldn't say. If Max was going to track the man down, and discover the truth of who exactly Tristan may, or may not, have found, she was coming with him.

What the Duke Desires is rich in passion, adventure and romance. Lisette desperately wants more in life than to just marry one of her brothers' friends. She wants to travel, even work cases for Dom. Even more, she wants to make sure Max doesn't destroy the life Tristan has made for himself in France. It would only take one careless word from him. Her dedication to her family was her most endearing characteristic, and as she got to know Max better, that extended to him. Watching Max slowly open up to Lisette was touching. What the Duke Desires introduces us to characters that readers will want to visit again - and luckily that will happen as this is the first in The Duke's Men series.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com


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