The Seraphim - Book 1

By Rene Lyons

Samhain Publishing - July 2007

Paranormal Romance

She might have felt as if she'd walked in the devil's own den - had she not known the truth. On her deathbed, Sabrina Hart's mother had told her nearly unimaginable secrets about herself, and her dead father. These secrets had led her to seek out Seth Raleigh. He was a man with secrets of his own, or rather a being with secrets.

For Setheus was an angel who had accepted God's charge to fall from Grace to earth to protect humanity. He had given up Heaven to live among men, and prevent evil from escaping Hell.

Seth was someone who had been alone for centuries and had finally found the woman he had been waiting for. Danger is lurking, threatening to free evil, and it is together with the other Seraphim, that they can prevent it from happening.

I was so excited to learn about this new series by Rene Lyons, and the first story, Setheus, is phenomenal. I enjoyed learning about the Seraphims' history, as well as Sabrina's own secrets. I only wish I had a clue as to whose story is next and when it will be.

Kathy Andrico -