Shards Of Hope

Psy-Changeling Series - Book 18

By Nalini Singh

Berkley Sensation - June 2015

Paranormal Romance

This review assumes that the reader has read the previous stories in Nalini Singh's Psy-Changeling series, and does contain spoilers to prior books. Also, due to back stories in previous books, I highly suggest reading the series in order.

Aden and Zaira were cut-off from the Net. They may be two of the most powerful Arrows, yet they had been abducted and abused. Torture was not new to either of them, they were Arrows and had been trained by means of all facets of abuse. Once free from their captors, they find themselves at the mercy of predatory changelings, and not ones they've encountered before.

Aden didn't know how much to trust these felines, but without the ability to contact his best friend, or anyone else in the Net, Aden knew he had to make... friends. A new concept to one raised in Silence. Even more shocking, but pleasurable, was his addiction to Zaira. There had always been a certain pull towards her, and now with his best friend finding a mate, and seeing the way changelings interacted with their mates, Aden knew he wanted this with Zaira. Plus, it would be good for his fellow Arrows to see their leader in a relationship.

Zaira had always had a sick obsession with Aden. She hoarded his gifts and didn't like to share him. But she knew it was an obsession that could never mature into a relationship. She was broken, and could never be fixed.

Aden. Oh my, a mere medic who was leader of the lethal Arrows? Or could there be more hidden behind his shields? Only by reading Shards of Hope can you learn his secrets and experience all the emotions that these two individuals who were birthed in Silence go through. I adored Aden and his patience with Zaira. They'd all had traumatic childhoods, but hers probably was the worst. Also included in this story were meeting the members of new packs, (which also included a revisit), alpha training, learning the history of the rebellion, and so much more. What can I say, other than I can't wait for the next story!

Kathy Andrico -


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