Motor City Fae

Urban Arcana Series - Book 1

By Cindy Spencer Pape

Carina Press - June 2010

Paranormal Romance

Meagan Kelly was thrilled when Ric Thornhill took to the stage at the local tavern. She had his CDs, and truly enjoyed his music. Her night got even better when he showed up at her table after a set. They went out, they talked, and he was the perfect gentleman. That was until she learned the truth.

Ric had one assignment, and if he didn't accomplish it, the consequences were deadly. As an eight hundred year old fae, being threatened with becoming mortal was a death sentence. He had to succeed, but it was more than his own personal possibility at mortality at risk - it was the fate of fae and mortals alike. The long lost Rose heiress was needed for a vote for the throne in a few days, and for all her faults, the current queen had made a pact leaving the mortals alone. The challenger wishes to lead a revolt and enslave mortal realms. All he had to do was find the missing heiress, convince her that she was part fae, teach her about the Seelie Court, and persuade her to follow him Elfhame in time to cast her fateful vote.

With thrilling adventure, engaging characters, and fascinating world building Motor City Fae will enchant readers and entice them to return again and again into the world of Urban Arcana. Cindy Spencer Pape expertly introduces multiple unique characters that entertain and demand their own stories. Luckily for us readers, this is only the first story in a brilliant new series.

Kathy Andrico -


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