Colorado Pride

Under the Colorado Skies Series #3

By Jacquie Greenfield

By Five Star Publishing - November 2010

Contemporary Western Romance

Seth Roberts was on the brink of achieving everything he had ever wanted professionally. All he had to do was finish this contract. But then tragedy struck, and he had gained custody of his niece. Taking time off during critical negotiations was not the way to attain a vice president position at his firm. Seth needed help. He had no experience with kids, and he didn't know how to reach out to his niece who was grieving the loss of her parents.

Heather Garrison Thomas's life revolved around her family - and she was not ashamed of this fact. She adored her siblings and working on the family ranch helping kids. As a mother, her children were her first priority. Which was why she was fighting so hard to save Saint Anthony's Children's Hospital which was instrumental in helping her autistic son. Unfortunately, her opposition had deep pockets, and included her ex-husband who not only wanted to close the one facility that was so beneficial to their son, but was also threatening to take their kids away from her.

Heather had no time for a man, and she had no illusions that a wealthy businessman like Seth would be interested in a divorced mother of two. Her ex had explicitly proven that to her. Seth had multiple challenges he had to overcome, but he hadn't gotten where he was by shying away from difficulties. He was determined to get his promotion while breaking down the walls that both females in his life had erected. Now if only Heather wouldn't overreact when she learned what project he was working on...

Colorado Pride was a touching romance with characters that readers will want to revisit again and again. Seth has triumphed professionally, but lost in love. That doesn't deter him when he finds himself attracted to the sister of his friend. She has kids? Why should that be a problem. One is autistic? Seth only wonders why Heather keeps trying to invent excuses for them not to explore a relationship together. Seth is determined to see through her feeble excuses and ultimately prove that he is the perfect her for her. I savor any opportunity to return to Under Colorado Skies.

Kathy Andrico -


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