High Noon

By Rebecca Goings

Samhain Publishing - November 2007

Western Historical Romance

Talon Holt had left Banning, Texas and Alison Williams knowing that she loved him. They had been friends for years, despite the seven year age gap, the fact that she was a white woman, and the knowledge that he was a full-blooded Comanche who had simply been raised as white.

Talon had been a man with a man's feelings for Alison. He feared that should he stay, he would act on those urges. Alison was still a child, and he would protect her, even from himself.

Five years passed, and on one of those rare visits near Banning, Talon learned the fate of Alison. Her father had lost her and the ranch in a wager. Talon knew immediately what he needed to do. He would return to Banning, and Alison.

It may have been five long years, but the pain of Talon leaving was still with Alison. She had loved him, still did, but he had abandoned her. Now she was to be the wife of a man she couldn't respect, whom she feared, and who had threatened her.

High Noon is a touching best-friend's romance that truly was a heart-tugger. Talon and Alison are so in love with each other, but Talon's determination to protect her from himself had now put her in jeopardy. I adored the two characters and watching them finally turn to each other in love. I was a bit disappointed in the storyline of her father and the wager, but I think it was actually because I didn't like that it took the focus away from Talon and Alison's romance. I adored these two characters, and loved watching them forgive their past mistakes, and work towards starting their new life together.

Kathy Andrico - GottaWriteNetwork.com