The Summer Deal

Greek Series - Book 2

By Aleka Nakis

Resplendence Publishing - Feb 2008

Contemporary Romance

Samantha Mallone had none of the qualifications that Demosthenis Lakis needed in an assistant. However she had entranced him from the moment she walked into his office, and as if his free will had taken leave, he had hired her. Sammy had quickly proven herself more than capable, and the more Demo knew her, the further enamored of Sammy he became.

Unfortunately, Demo wasn't the only one obsessed with Sammy. Her ex-boyfriend was causing problems, and had become a potential threat. Demo couldn't allow this. He convinced Sammy to come to Greece with him for the summer. Not only would he be able to keep Sammy safe, but he hoped that they might be able to pursue a more informal relationship.

The Summer Deal was the perfect summer read. Not only did it have romance, passion, suspense, but I felt as if I was experiencing a summer vacation in Greece. Ms. Nakis' skillfully wove her intimate knowledge of the Greek culture and Greece itself into an integral part of the story. I was very impressed with how quickly I was absorbed by the story, and definitely plan to read the previous book in the series, The Greek Rule. This book does stand on its own.

Kathy Andrico -