Hope's Folly

Gabriel's Ghost Dock 5 Universe - Book 3

By Linnea Sinclair

Bantam - March 2009

Science Fiction Romance

The following review assumes that the reader has already read Gabriel's Ghost and Shades of Dark. It does contain spoilers for those stories, although this book does stand alone. However, I would recommend starting from the beginning, simply to fully enjoy the reading experience.

Many titles were applied to Philip Guthrie. Traitor. Rebel. Admiral. The Great Guthrie. Ex-Husband. Friend. Always-Forever Dream Hero. Many labels he was well aware of. Others not.

It was being a rebel and an admiral that were uppermost in his mind as he took command of his new ship - a decommissioned cruiser ship, once used to run arms, and most lately citrus. He would be taking command of a crew quickly assembled to help in the Alliance's cause. Unfortunately, both the Imperial Fleet and Farosians were his enemy. Plus, there was definite cause for concern that there may be a mole in his new crew.

Philip would have to rely on his gut, and the few people he knew he could trust. This included men and women who had stood by him, and who were recommended by close associates. It also, quite surprisingly, included the daughter of Cory Bennton, whose death we had learned of in Shades of Dark. A man who had taught Philip much, who had been a friend, and who undoubtedly would not be happy with the thoughts running through Philip's mind whenever Rya Bennton was near him. Or not even near him. It didn't matter. He wanted Rya regardless of the fact that he was a senior officer and she was almost two decades younger than him.

Rya Bennton immediately assumed the role of personal bodyguard to Philip. They had been ambushed, and there were too many unknowns working as crew. Two facts were certain - the enemies wanted Philip, and so did she. Rya had met Philip when she had been a child, but Rya quickly realized that her childhood hero worship had turned into an undeniable adult crush on the admiral. However, it was just as obvious that he was not interested in her. That would not stop her from using her skills as a trained assassin in protecting the admiral. If only she could protect her heart.

Hope's Folly is simply phenomenal. I absolutely did not want to put the story down. It had action, suspense, mystery, and passion. I have simply adored Philip since we met him in Gabriel's Ghost. Granted he was Chaz's ex-husband, but he was loyal to his friends, and he counted Chaz and Gabriel Sullivan as friends. And they him. I was thrilled when I learned he would have a story. Discovering that his heroine would be the daughter of the man whose death he partly blamed on himself simply tugged at my heartstrings. Rya was the perfect heroine for Philip - young enough to keep Philip from becoming somber, but a strong warrior in her own right with her security expertise to keep the crew and ship safe.

Hope's Folly is my favorite read of the Linnea Sinclair books I've read so far. First, I must say that Kel-Paten is still my favorite hero (from Games of Command). However, Hope's Folly had a smooth feel, and I absolutely enjoyed watching the crew trying to overcome all the problems their often retrofitted ship had. Plus, there was a cat, and I love cats. Perhaps it is because this is the third time I've visited this universe, but I simply found it to be a fun, fast-paced easy read and I loved it. I also doubt that I will ever smell oranges again without thinking of Philip, Rya, and the crew, and cat, of Hope's Folly.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com