Devil's Playground

By Arianna Hart

Samhain - August 2007

Romantic Suspense

Caitlyn O'Toole wouldn't be able to be wild and adventurous even if she wanted to. Not with three older brothers who each took their job as "Big Brother" very seriously. She lived independently, but still grumbled about their protectiveness, but if she was honest, she was just as protective about them as they were about her.

All four of them had careers that could put them in danger. Caitlyn worked as an ER nurse in a somewhat dangerous neighborhood. However, it was her brother Tom who worked undercover, and he and his partner Devlin "Mac" McDougal consistently put their lives at risk.

Mac had been deep undercover infiltrating a gang when he was shot. Luckily, he was near where his partner's sister worked, and was able to get her assistance. However, he didn't know who he could trust. Somebody in law enforcement was obviously conspiring with the gangs on the streets, and all of Caitlyn's siblings could be suspect. Just because he knew them didn't make them innocent. He'd have to hide in Caitlyn's apartment, keep her safe, hope that none of her brothers were involved, and fervently will himself from seducing the one woman who intrigued him like no other.

Caitlyn had been interested in Mac from the first time she'd met him, but his career kept him away. Having him shot and hiding in her apartment didn't facilitate a relationship either. But being tailed, and having her home broken into quickly sidelined the passion she felt for Mac. It wouldn't matter how much either of them might want each other when it was very possible they could end up dead.

Devil's Playground is yet another exciting, heart-pounding romantic suspense novel by Arianna Hart. I was gripped by the story from the moment we meet Mac shot and hiding under Caitlyn's car. I adored the family Ms. Hart created for Caitlyn, and Mac's unmistakable desire to be part of that unit. The brothers and sister care unconditionally for one another, and each would give their life for the other. Devil's Playground had suspense, passion, love, and great characters. I couldn't ask for more - well, actually, after the epilogue, I definitely ask for more!

Kathy Andrico -