Love Unleashed

Short Story in Love Bites Anthology

By Lori Foster

HQN - June 201

Contemporary Romance

Five authors coming together and providing short stories for an anthology. Love Bites is an anthology of five romances written to support a charity.

Evan Carlisle wanted a relationship with Cinder Bratt. She wanted one too, unfortunately, she was satisfied with him being a close friend. Her pal. While he wanted more. Much more. They were a group of four that hung out - Cinder, Evan, his brother, and his best friend. They ate together, watched tv. Had fun. But Evan wanted much more than another buddy relationship. He'd hinted, made comments, but Cinder was immune to them all. He didn't need Brick or Jesse's advice, but he had tried, and Cinder just didn't seem to want to acknowledge that they could have something more.

Cinder adored Brick and Jesse and they bantered with ease. Evan, though, she loved. She had loved him from just after they had met a year earlier. That didn't mean anything would ever come of it, even though she suspected he might be hinting at something more. She cherished their friendship too dearly. He might want her today, but the day would come when he would want someone prettier. Slimmer. Someone not her.

Love Unleashed is a fun romance of friendship, healing, and passion. Cinder's past made her cautious in her relationships. She knew that a man could not look at her and find her sexy - she'd been told this. She believed it. Evan was the perfect hero for her. He not only found her sexy and desirable, but he loved all of her, both the inside as well as outside. I adored the interaction with Brick and Jesse, and hope that Ms Foster plans to revisit these characters again with Brick and Jesse each finding their own heroines.

Included in Love Bites are: Love Unleashed by Lori Foster, Smookie and the Bandit by Brenda Jackson, Dog Tags by Catherine Mann, Mane Haven by Jules Bennett, and Molly Wants a Hero by Virna DePaul.

Kathy Andrico -

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