Echo of Silence

Psy-Changeling Series - Book 2b

Short Story in Wild Embrace Anthology

By Nalini Singh

Berkley - August 2016

Paranormal Romance

Due to the complex world building and continuing storylines, it is recommended to read this series in order. However, regarding the romance between Tazia and Stefan, this story does stand on its own.

Tazia Nerif had chosen a career on the deep sea station Alaris that challenged her mind, but her heart was repeatedly broken. She never intentionally shared her feelings with anyone. Not her co-workers who had become good friends, and definitely not the station commander, Stefan Berg, an emotionless Psy who always seemed to see her at her worse.

When the two of them arrived for shore leave at the same time, Tazia had no intention of spending any time with the man. Not that she had any plans. Whereas her friends had friends and family awaiting them, she had no one. But Stefan offered her another choice. An opportunity to help a community during the aftermath of an earthquake. This was not typical work for a TK, but Tazia quickly learned that Stefan was not a typical Psy.

Echo of Silence is a poignant tale of a heart broken heroine and a hero whose silence she breaks. Stefan may not understand emotions and human reactions, but he knows Tazia. He has watched her and makes choices with her in mind. Tazia doesn't initially realize that she isn't alone in being broken, but as she spends time with Stefan, she realizes how much he hides from the world - but never from her. In Echo of Silence readers finally have the story behind Stefan of Alaris, and his manual.

Wild Embrace is an anthology of four Psy-Changeling stories by Nalini Singh. Echo of Silence tells the story of a human and a Psy that had been alluded to in previously published stories, Dorian gives glimpses of Dorian's past experiences as a latent changeling, Partners in Persuasion shows the hope after a giant battle and a romance between a submissive wolf hero and a dominant leopard heroine and in Flirtation of Fate, two familiar characters finally find their happily-ever-after.

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