When We Dance

In His Arms Series - Book 2

By Alanna Lucas

Boroughs Publishing - 2014

Historical Romance

A missing sister. Abandoned at the altar. And to top off the day, Miss Artemisia Germayne punched her nemesis Nigel Rochefort. Unfortunately not in private, although that would have caused even more scandal. As it was, she was the talk of the ton, and not in a good way. She knew the truth of what had happened with her sister, and although her sister's happiness was coming at her own expense, she didn't begrudge Philippa.

So she escaped to the country to visit her favored aunt. Alone, away from the gossip. Away from Nigel. Or so she'd hoped.

Nigel feared that the punch to the jaw was because Artemisia knew the truth of his involvement with her fiance abandoning her. Not that Nigel wanted Artemisia humiliated, but he hadn't wanted his friend to marry one woman, when he was in love with another. So he had helped his friend, while hurting Artemisia. Not that she seemed overly hurt at being jilted. She seemed... angry at him. And even more confusing was that she seemed hurt by him.

But what was even more confusing were the emotions and thoughts churning through him after learning Artemisia had left London. Left him. Luckily, he was also close to Artemisia's aunt whose nephew by marriage, Marcus, had inherited the title, and the home she lived in. And Marcus was a close friend.

Or at least he was until he noticed just how close Marcus seemed to be to Artemisia.

When We Dance is a touching romance of reconciliation. Nigel has always been a bit immature in his interaction with Artemisia, and as a consequence, has said and done hurtful things to her through the years. It was entertaining to watch Nigel mature into a hero, although sometimes through painfully slow steps. However, he is a perfect hero for Artemisia, insistent in his determination to show her just how beautiful she is to him. Someday, I would love to see Marcus find his own heroine.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com


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